Access Control Systems

Access Control Systems provide far more benefits than just controlling who goes where and when, they form the central platform for integrated Security Management Control Systems.

As a provider of a full range of access control systems from schools and residential developments to Enterprise level solutions for Global business we are able to meet all your needs. 

Vindex Systems partner with a number of brands including Software House C•Cure, Genetec Synergis, TDSI, Paxton, BPT, Urmet and many more who are specialists in retina, fingerprint and card reader technology.

We Offer Many Benefits


Vindex Systems are able to provide solutions that Unify various security solutions into a single user interface. Unification provides greater benefits than just integrating disparate systems and allows better control of the most complex of security solutions.

Information & Event Management

The way in which you are able to manage credentials and privileges is what sets our solutions apart. Using the ability to escalate alarms if un-acknowledged, provide dynamic views of critical information and automatic threat level capability we are able to provide intelligence lead security management for our customers.


Using your Access Control system to provide automatic alerts of an alarm or incident greatly improves the operational effectiveness for staff. By integrating the CCTV and Life Safety systems we are able to ensure the greatest return on any investment.

Enterprise Architecture

We can provide an advanced distributed architecture for a robust enterprise solution that supports master and satellite application servers. Corporate security personnel and IT managers receive central control over the entire system while each local facility maintains control of its individual operation. Whether your organization consists of a few facilities that are locally dispersed or many that span the globe, this solution scales as your company grows.

User Friendly

Our intuitive access control user interfaces guide operational staff through incidents and allow complex cause and effect changes to be made without having to be a ‘Computer Programmer’. We design video entry systems that integrate seamlessly with home automation systems to provide residents with a single tablet to answers calls from the concierge or entrance along with managing their audio, visual and lighting. Regardless of how intuitive the systems are, Vindex Systems value customer training and will always train customers so they have complete comfort navigating and benefiting from our solution’s many capabilities.

Flexible Solutions

We encourage our clients to adopt systems that provide them with the greatest flexibility and choice of edge device. The need to use different card types, biometric readers, turnstiles and handsets are just a few of the dilemmas faced when building an Access Control and Video Intercom solution. Our design team ensures that we capture the needs of today but without restricting the choices for tomorrow.
“Just want to say what a great job your team has done this week.Your engineers were
very professional and kept me and the rest of us informed every step of the way.
It’s not often in my last 10 years I have reverted back to a vendor so positively.”
Director of Security – Europe, Henry Schein