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Video Surveillance Systems (CCTV)

Video Surveillance Systems (CCTV) are the true all-rounder of the electronic security industry, working around the clock to help deter crime and provide organisations with much needed information. But given such widespread adoption and approval, many users are failing to realise the full potential CCTV can bring to their business.

High Quality Images
Our team ensure we fully understand the business requirements so we can use this information to design a solution that provides the correct balance of resolution
and frame rate.

IP Networks
IP video has allowed us to utilise the investment in IP networks and provide better value for money when considering new solutions. Whether its working with the IT team on using existing networks or designing and supplying a dedicated LAN the Vindex Systems team have the experience to help you achieve the best possible results.

Video Analytics
Video analytics (AI) provide the ability to analyse behaviors within a video image. This can include counting of people or objects for safety management, alarming to left or removed items, monitoring of lingering in an area for market research or more traditional motion detection to identify unauthorised activity.

As a leader in the UK IP Video Surveillance market, we only partner with the highest
quality manufacturers.

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Perimeter Intruder
Detection Systems

Video Intercom

As a system integrator we have a wide range of products and knowledge, working collectively with our trusted partners to deliver your solution.