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Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) is a powerful camera-based application using specialised cameras to enable identification, logging, and monitoring of vehicle number plates. Whilst perhaps best known for its use in policing traffic offences, the very same technology is being more widely used by commercial organisations to both protect assets and increase the efficiency of their day-to-day operations as well as provide a key tool in delivering intelligent transport systems. Vindex Systems have delivered major ANPR solutions to meet Local Authority planning conditions where restrictions on vehicle movements
are required.

Delivery Management System
Our team has delivered Delivery Management Systems utilising ANPR cameras. The DMS solution allows the logistics of high-volume deliveries to be managed effectively and can include a web portal for deliveries to be requested and then approved.

Barred Route Management
By connecting ANPR cameras to a Vindex back-office solution we can alert operators when a restricted vehicle uses a barred route or violates one of the pre-determined rules

High Performance
The latest ANPR cameras utilise high-definition technology to improve accuracy, this is coupled with pulsed infra red lighting to ensure the highest amounts of number plates are captured.  Vindex Systems deliver ANPR solutions to meet the National ANPR
performance standards.

Customised Solution
Vindex Systems are able to provide a customised back-office solution to meet the specific needs of any project. We have successfully delivered a number of schemes with bespoke User Interfaces and integrating ANPR, Vehicle Classification, Vehicle Release Rate, Booking Systems and Barrier Control

Hosted Solution
We are able to provide a wide range of solutions including Software as a Service and Hosting allowing complete flexibility. By providing the back office as a hosted solution we are able to scale the environment in line with the current requirements whilst being able to utilise virtulaised architecture to future proof the solution.

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