Case Study

Vindex Systems have partnered the Royal Garden Hotel with their CCTV requirements for over 10 years. The system comprises in excess of 80 cameras and has utilised analogue Digital Video Recorders for the duration of the relationship. The systems cover all public areas and the landings to hotel rooms allowing a comprehensive history of any event that may occur or have been claimed.

Customer: Royal Garden Hotel

Project: Hotel CCTV upgrade

Completion Date: 2012


IP CCTV System Upgrade

During regular account management meetings it was agreed that whilst the CCTV system had helped the hotel reduce crime to almost zero, new technology that had become available could ensure the hotel kept one step ahead of the ever threatening crime presence.

IP technology was accepted to offer far better image quality, improved functionality and more seamless interrogation of video although the hotel did not want intrusive works to newly refurbished public areas. To avoid unnecessary cabling works and to ensure the best value for money by capitalising on the investment already made in the coaxial cable infrastructure, Vindex Systems utilised Axis video encoders to feed images from the legacy analogue cameras into a new Genetec IP CCTV platform.

For key areas such as the cash desk, Veracity Highwire devices were installed to allow new mega pixel IP cameras to be used in these areas across the existing cable with seamless integration of the latest technology without the need to re-cable.

The resulting solution has delighted the management team of the hotel and remains a tool of deterrent to crime whilst offering high quality images for Health and Safety, evidence against false claims and peace of mind for guests and staff alike.