Emergency Lighting

With vast expertise and heritage of cutting-edge design and technology, our supplier has developed a unique, highly cost effective and environmentally friendly emergency lighting system that incorporates the latest in LED and battery technologies.

Designed, manufactured and tested in the UK, the system is based around an emergency lighting control panel with battery back-up and features addressable, self-contained luminaires and signage interconnected via traditional extra low-voltage cabling.

Fully intelligent, the system luminaires are fully monitored and incorporate a self-test facility, reassurance that the emergency lighting system is fully operational without the need for an individual inspection. With the option of being controlled manually or automatically, it can operate in either a maintained or non-maintained mode.

We Offer Many Benefits

An Unconventional Cost-Effective Approach

The system does not need 230 V wiring to individual luminaires – only extra low voltage cabling is required. Individual lighting sub-circuits are monitored at the local distribution board, simplifying installation. All luminaires are equipped with integral batteries allowing continued operation for at least three hours, even when the control panel or line cables are damaged.

Backup battery power within each luminaire allows lighting devices to use screened, non-fire rated cabling in lieu of heavy, costly fire resistant cabling. Coupled with extra low voltage operation, cabling costs are reduced by up to 60% compared with central battery based systems and up to 30% compared with other addressable self-contained systems.

Reliably Designed

BS 5266-1 , BS 5266-7 and BS 5266-8 sets the guidelines for the installation of emergency lighting, pertaining to location and frequency of luminaires, exit signs, and the minimum lighting levels required.

By utilising DIALux, an international design software tool for lighting calculation and visualization, we provide fast and accurate calculations, detailed design analysis outputs and realistic visualisations for projects of any size and complexity.

Reduced Cost of Ownership

The system is simple to install, requires little maintenance or manual testing, and uses less than 5% energy consumption compared with conventional lighting. Even at its peak lumen output, the LED draws only 80% of the recommended maximum energy level which minimises energy consumption and maximises LED lifespan.

Self-contained backup batteries negate the need for expensive fire-rated cabling, and in turn reduce the associated installation costs.

Each luminaire can be programmed to operate at any one of seven levels of light output, making them even more energy efficient when used as security or night-time lighting. They will automatically default to maximum light output should a failure in the 230 V supply be detected.

Quality and Reliability

The system complies with all British and European emergency lighting standards, in particular BS5266 for the design, manufacture and installation of emergency lighting systems.

A Green Solution to Emergency Lighting

The solution considers the useful life of the entire emergency lighting system, from manufacture and installation, right through to recycling. Produced from fully recyclable materials, and incorporating LED technology that reduces CO2e emissions, it reduces its impact on the environment to an absolute minimum.
“The Vindex Systems team have worked with us to design and deliver our security systems for over 5 years and have been an intrinsic part of the team delivering the regeneration of Paddington Basin. They listen to our needs and interpret these into practical solutions whilst being sympathetic to the unique architectural design we are creating at Merchant Square. Alongside delivery of solutions for new buildings they work with our Estate Management companies to provide the high level of support levels demanded by our clients and residents.”
Operations Manager, European Land & Property Ltd