IRS & Communication

As part of providing turnkey solutions to the high rise residential and mixed use market we are able to provide fibre and copper IRS systems to deliver terrestrial and satellite television as well as DAB radio.

As part of these projects we also provide the copper and fibre communication infrastructure.  The deployment of Intelligent Building Networks is becoming the standard for new build projects.

This allows various systems including CCTV, Access Control, Video Entry, BMS and VOIP to be delivered on the same infrastructure whilst still retaining the ability to deploy multiple virtual networks.

We Offer Many Benefits

Value for Money

The cost benefits of converging voice and data have been well documented; use a single network and cut overhead costs in half. By delivering these systems as part of a wider Security and Life Safety project significant savings can be made on installation and project management.

High Quality

By utilising a fibre optic backbone for IRS and Communication Networks we are able to ensure the highest quality presentation at the residence, office or commercial unit. In addition the use of fibre reduces the amount and size of cables required and assists the M&E team in meeting the increasing demands to reduce riser cupboard sizes.

Future Proofed

Deploying an IRS system provides a solution that can deliver current and future analogue/digital feeds without the need for additional cabling or disruption. We design networks with the future in mind ensuring sufficient bandwidth will be available for the ever increasing demand.

Wired or Wireless

We are able to deliver a wide range of communication systems for both our Security Systems but also other building network requirements. Most solutions will combine a fibre backbone with copper at the edge, in addition the need for wireless access points as part of the base build or to leverage on the mobile security management devices is becoming ever more common.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

By delivering a converged communication system the ongoing maintenance and support costs are much lower and with a single company to contact the drain on facilities management time is reduced.

Range of Solutions

We provide a wide range of IRS and Communication Solutions including; Cisco, HP, Avaya, ZyXEL, Televes, Fire Options, Sky+, Freesat, Freeview, DAB/FM Radio, BT and Virgin Media.
“I have been working with Vindex Systems for a number of years as our exclusive security partner across the UK and more recently into Europe. It is unusual to discover a Sales Team that actually delivers through to Installation and beyond into Service Support. Vindex have consistently demonstrated the ability to interface successfully with other internal services such as IT and Maintenance depts. to resolve perceived issues and alleviate concerns. The management team are always contactable (24/7), and dedicated to providing a personalised service. Vindex deliver what they commit to, within budget, to a highly professional standard equal to our own.”
Head of Corporate Security, Europe , Rolls-Royce Plc