Intruder Detection Systems

Intruder Detection Systems provide an invaluable tool to those responsible for security of buildings, assets and people.  As an NSI Gold accredited company we provide a full range of solutions including local and remote monitoring.

In addition to conventional internal intruder alarms we also specialise in Perimeter Intruder Detection Systems often known as PIDS.

These systems provide the very outer layer of a well-designed security system giving early warning of unauthorised attempts to breach a protected area or sterile zone.

We Offer Many Benefits

Remote Monitoring

By providing an intruder alarm that is remotely monitored an automatic response can be provided to an incident. This response can be a key holder, manned guarding company or the Police. Moreover, incorporating CCTV can help reduce cost and improve efficiency in response management.

False Alarm Prevention

As an NSI Gold company we design solutions to prevent unwanted false alarms, using the right detection devices for the environment they are in is essential.


With the constant development of more cost effective storage and the reliance on video footage for many business requirements, building a resilient solution is essential. We will advise on the correct solution commensurate to your level of risk.

Advanced Detection Technology

The improvement of detection technology in the intruder sector is a continual evolution and allows us to select from a wide range of devices including; passive infra red, microwave, dualtech, glass and shock detectors, microphonic cable for fence detection and volumetric buried cable systems.

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance of intruder detection systems is essential to maintain a reliable and false alarm free solution. Our annual maintenance visits ensure detection devices are cleaned and tested and the health of cabling checked. With perimeter intruder detection systems the preventive visit allows our engineers to re-calibrate the sensors to ensure optimum performance is achieved.

Flexible Architecture

Providing integrated security systems requires a flexible architecture. we provide detection systems that utilise wired and wireless technology. We are also able to utilise the converged IP network to often provide greater coverage at lower cost without comprising security.
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