Case Study

Following a competitive tender process Vindex were awarded a unique ANPR based Vehicle Identification System project for Goodman Logistics Developments (UK) Limited who were developing a Commercial Park (CP) in Andover at the A303 100 Acre Corner Interchange with the A343/A342 on land adjacent to the A303.

Customer: Goodman Logistics

Project: Andover Business Park – Vehicle Identification System

Completion Date: 2012

Contract Value: £600k

ANPR based Vehicle Identification System

The operation of the CP has the potential to significantly increase the number of vehicles utilising the roads immediately surrounding it. As a condition of the granting of planning permission a Vehicle Identification System and a Vehicle Release Rate System had to be installed and maintained to monitor and control the flow of traffic to and from the CP.   The Vehicle Identification System automatically generates information to support the enforcement of monetary fines, payable to Hampshire County Council, for vehicles not complying with routing agreements. The goal was to reduce congestion on local roads and limit the impact of the CP for local residents.
The £600k+ project completed in Autumn 2011 represented a significant milestone for Vindex by developing and delivering one of the first systems of its type in the UK. The final solution Vindex Systems delivered included Private and Public Outstations, integrated Vehicle Classification, Public Outstations utilising 3rd party communications, Local Authority Instation (Roadside) and Private Instation.

During the delivery of the project many challenges were overcome including co-ordination with the main contractor providing power, ducting, maintenance laybys and development of the business park.