Fire Detection & Alarm Systems

We offer powerful and scalable solutions for fire detection and alarm systems. With proven and mature software at its heart, the range of products we offer benefits from many years of development and refinement to provide a system of outstanding robustness, versatility and flexibility.

Fire Detection & Alarm System Capability:

  • Conventional Systems
  • Analogue Addressable Systems
  • Wireless Systems
  • Networked Systems
  • Graphic User Interface (PC Head-End)
  • Video Smoke Detection Solutions
  • Linear Heat Detection
  • Bespoke Integrated Control Panels (Smoke Vent Control, Sprinkler Indication, etc.)

We Offer Many Benefits

Globally Proven Product Design

The automatic fire detection and alarm equipment we offer is designed and manufactured to the highest international standards, offering life safety products and systems of incomparable reliability. This extensive range of products includes high performance sensors, a wide selection of input and output modules, and ancillaries. All products use a high integrity communications link, ENHANCED SYSTEM PROTOCOL (ESP) that is fundamental to the range.

Graphical User Interface

Fire control panels can send data to, and be controlled by a PC Head End Graphic User Interface system providing a single point of co-ordination for all alarms.

The system is highly configurable in terms of the style of presentation so that the end user can be presented with maps, text, photographs, audio or a combination of all as required. A comprehensive history logging and reporting system allows analysis of events and trends to be identified to reduce unwanted alarms.

Freedom of Choice

To give clients a freedom of choice and peace of mind, we, as an independent company, provide reliable and flexible, open protocol Life Safety Solutions that present cost-effective pricing and excellent client support services.

By selecting an open protocol system, Vindex customers are no longer tied to one company for additions, alterations or maintenance. With this in mind, our Service Department is driven to reduce lifecycle cost and execute our servicing within agreed performance measurements systems.

Intelligent, Hybrid Wireless Systems

The system we recommend is a hybrid wireless based family of products which is fully integrated into the intelligent hardwired system. This seamless integration provides the user with maximum flexibility in configuring the system to meet the specific needs of the building into which it is to be deployed.

It employs the latest technology, providing a simple and economic hybrid wireless fire detection system installation with minimal disruption to the fabric of the building and its operation. Flexible and versatile, Wireless systems are suited to a wide range of applications, matching the requirements of any building from busy hotels to sensitive heritage buildings.

Gas Suppression Systems

Gas suppression systems operate in a similar manner to high pressure water mist systems. A gas (usually an inert gas) is stored in canisters at high pressure with pipe work to distribute the gas around the premises. In the event of a fire, this gas is dispersed wherever required in just a few seconds.

There are a number of different types of gas suppression systems and all are supported by Vindex Systems:
• Chemical or Synthetic Gas Fire Suppression
• Inert Gas Fire Suppression
• CO² Systems

Very Early Warning Aspirating Smoke Detection

Air Sampling early warning detectors are available in a variety of models to accommodate a broad range of environments and applications. From small to very large, open spaces and from the cleanest to the dirtiest environments, VESDA multi-level detection provides reliable, high-sensitivity, very early warning smoke detection.

Customers worldwide rely on VESDA when business continuity is imperative, environments are challenging, and time is required to ensure safe and orderly evacuation. VESDA ASD systems can also be equipped with modules to detect hazardous/combustible gases to extend their value beyond smoke detection to include gas detection and environmental monitoring.

“Vindex Systems have provided many of years of reliable support. They have proven to be a professional and trusted supplier for our electronic security needs”
Security Manager , Rutherford Appleton Laboratories (RAL)