Case Study

Bough Beech underwent a major extension and refurbishment programme with significant civil engineering on site.   Vindex Systems Limited were appointed, after a tendering process, to design and install an integrated security system in tandem with these developments to upgrade obsolete systems that were no longer serviceable and add additional CCTV cameras to improve site security.

Customer: Sutton and East Surrey Water

Project: Bough Beech Water Treatment Plant – CCTV

Completion Date: 2013

Value: £100k

IP CCTV and Perimeter Intruder Detection System

Critically these new systems needed the ability to be connected via a telephone line to the central monitoring facility at the Sutton and East Surrey Water HQ.

The project consisted of the design, production, installation, testing and commissioning of an integrated intruder detection and CCTV Security Management System at Bough Beech Water Treatment Works.

The new system provided Bough Beech with an alarm activated remote monitoring capability providing evidential quality images within designated areas of the site and its perimeter. The system consisted of new CCTV equipment, IR Lighting and PIR detectors. An existing Intruder Detection system utilising existing door contacts, wiring and PIR detectors was integrated into the Video Management System.

Vindex Systems in collaboration with the client chose equipment from Indigo Vision and Bosch for camera recording and alarm management principally because the system was able to work effectively with the restricted bandwidth communication available at the site.

The client’s control room in Redhill provides 24 hour central monitoring for all Sutton and East Surrey remote facilities. Bough Beech is serviced only by a standard telephone line restricting the amount of data that can be streamed and for this reason the system is set up and run locally with its own recording and alarm management head end software.

Movement detection is provided at each camera by Redwall and Redwide PIRs detectors which trigger alarm event recording and send an alarm to the central monitoring station who run an Indigo Vision client workstation. Low resolution images from the relevant alarm camera can be streamed for live viewing whilst high resolution images are stored locally at Bough Beech and can be downloaded for review at the central station.

The Indigo Vision system is also used to provide a solution for remote activation of the main gate for visitors or deliveries. There is an intercom at the main gate and a connection to the gate control mechanism from the local Indigo Vision Camera which is activated via the Indigo Vision graphical user interface either at Bough Beech or from Redhill. Thus out of hours callers to the site can be dealt with from the central control room.

After Successful implementation there is the intention to repeat this remote concept at other sites in due course.