Closed Circuit Television

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) is the true all rounder of the electronic security industry, working around the clock to help deter crime and provide organisations with much needed information.

But given such widespread adoption and approval, many users are failing to realise the full potential CCTV can bring to their business.

Whilst analogue technology still performs a pivotal role for many, the digital world has transformed CCTV into a much more powerful and cost effective management tool.

The ability to utilise existing data networks and infrastructure has greatly enhanced the facility to integrate with other internal systems and functionality.

We Offer Many Benefits

Higher Quality Images

The use of megapixel cameras has delivered significant improvements in image quality and with the developments in the video compression this does not have to mean huge amounts of storage. Our team ensure we fully understand the business requirements so we can use this information to design a solution that provides the correct balance of resolution and frame rate.

IP Networks

The move from analogue to IP video has allowed us to utilise the investment in IP networks and provide better value for money when considering new solutions. Whether its working with the IT team on using existing networks or designing and supplying a dedicated LAN the Vindex Systems team have the experience to help you achieve the best possible results.

Failover & Redundancy

With the constant development of more cost effective storage and the reliance on video footage for many business requirements building a resilient solution is essential. We will advise on the correct solution commensurate to your level of risk.


Using your CCTV system to provide automatic visual verification of an alarm or incident greatly improves the operational effectiveness for staff. As a deliverer of Life Safety Systems as well as Security we are able to provide comprehensive cause and effects for complete peace of mind.

Video Analytics

A rapidly developing area within the CCTV market, video analytics provide the ability to analyse behaviors within a video image. This can include counting of people or objects for safety management, alarming to left or removed items, monitoring of lingering in an area for market research or more traditional motion detection to identify unauthorised activity.

Open Platform

The ability to be able to select the right camera for each location is essential when delivering CCTV solutions. By only using open protocol solutions we are able to work with a wide range of camera manufacturers when advising our customers including Axis, Bosch, Pelco, American Dynamics, Indigo Vision, Samsung and Vista to name just a few.
“I have dealt with Vindex Systems for a number of years, they have proven
to be a professional, responsive, reliable and trusted supplier.”
Regional Security Manager, DHL Supply Chain